Making Small Things Big
Building  Alberta's  nanotechnology  community.

Our Sponsors

nanoCluster Alberta is grateful for the generous support of its sponsors Miller Thomson and MNP.

Together, we are working to increase the competitevness of Alberta's nanotechnology industry.
We' up and running, and focused on growing your company.

The Problem We're Solving

Nanotechnology is an emerging sector whose companies share unique challenges at the startup and growth stages. In Alberta, more needs to be done to remove the obstacles that restrict these companies from scaling their operations so that they can capitalize on global opportunities.

Our Solution

nanoCluster Alberta will create a vibrant community of like-corporations who share similar growth
challenges, and guide them to services and tools that will accelerate their growth. We will focus on assisting our community with access to lab space, equipment, investment, skilled workers and service providers to help  commercialize innovations.
Our Community's Influence


Life Sciences


Nanotechnology is the new enabler. Nano drives many technology advances in the world's most important industry sectors and promises to lead us to products we have not yet imagined. Similar to the advent of electricity, computers and lasers, nanotechnology is expected to offer great improvements in almost every facet of life.


Nanotechnology means manipulating and controlling atoms and molecules to create useful materials, devices and systems that have new and different properties from what we normally see in our everyday world.

These nanotechnology materials, devices and systems are the smallest man-made objects ever created. In at least one dimension, they measure less than 100 nanometers (nm). Put into context, 10 hydrogen atoms lined up would be 1 nm. One micron is equivalent to 1000 nm. An eyelash is about 100,000 nm wide.

It is because of their tiny size that nanoscale materials, devices and systems have new and different properties; at the nanoscale, atoms obey a different set of laws of physics called quantum mechanics.