About Us
nanoCluster Alberta is led by a Board of Directors comprised of experienced industry leaders.

David Antoniuk
Co-founder & COO
Applied Quantum Materials
nCA President
Keith Gylander
nCA Executive Director
John Murphy
CEO, Stream Technologies
nCA Chairman

Our Mission,
Our Objectives

A vibrant, self-sustaining ecosystem that fosters innovation and brings new nanotechnology-based products to the global marketplace.
Enhanced pre-commercialization/R&D funding.
Enhanced commercialization/scale-up financing.
Entrepreneur-centric view of challenges and solutions.
Collaboration amongst academia, government laboratories, and the nanoCluster companies aimed at wealth-generation through innovation.

nanoCluster Alberta advocates, develops and nurtures a wealth generating cluster of companies operating in the nano and micro technology fields within Alberta.

Appropriate workforce to meet the senior technical and non-technical staffing challenges in the nanoCluster eco-system.
Educational institutions in Alberta that meet the technical and commercial staffing requirements of the nanoCluster eco-system.
Voice or Catalyst for Change
Voice for the Alberta nano community.
Attitude of inclusiveness and to utilize partnerships to achieve our stated objectives.
Mechanism/process to engage/connect customers/partners/end users and members of the cluster.
Educated stakeholders understanding the critical requirements needed to secure success in innovation based on nanotechnology, inclusive of financing, funding and staffing, and acting or supporting to achieve such.